From the start….

One Sunday, whilst chatting with my niece Kaye about potential business ideas, she suggested that we bring the cupcake craze that was sweeping the globe to Telford and combine this with our joint love of all things vintage. So, after some whirlwind market research, lots of testing, a gazebo purchase and the pooling of all our vintage bits and pieces, we attended our first ever food fair. There we sold over 500 cupcakes, took our first wedding cake booking and knew we were on to something. 

Within a few weeks, baking at home became impossible so we found a space nearby that we could bake from, bought more equipment and finally moved into our gorgeous little shop on the Wharfage in Ironbridge. ‘Queenies’ tearoom was born.

The name came from my lifelong obsession with Queen Elizabeth, who looked so much like my Aunty Irene, I thought they were one and the same. I loved her so much that I used to write to her regularly as a child; letters my mother kindly kept to torment me with in later life.

But I didn’t care, together Kaye and I had created somewhere special. Queenies tearoom was always intended to be more than just a cupcake shop, it was meant to be an experience. Somewhere to just stop and go back to basics. With no wi-fi, genuine vintage furniture, good old tunes playing and a welcoming relaxed environment, it was an antidote to the fast-paced World we live in